Values of an online B2B marketplace for retailers and Wholesale brands

Values of an online B2B marketplace for retailers and Wholesale brands

Having an online presence is becoming the standard for retail businesses today and B2B wholesale is no exception. B2B online marketplaces focused on eCommerce in particular have grown and maintained as a vital online sales channel in the past few years. “With sales on B2B marketplaces increasing 5.3 times from 2020 to 2022 and projected to grow 7.2x faster than...

Strategizing the Holiday Season and What Lies Beyond

Strategizing the Holiday Season and What Lies Beyond

Inflation has forced many retailers to rethink their buying strategy to be more conscious of price and hunt for bargains, while certain merchandising strategies have stayed top of mind. From our engagement with retailers on FashionGo, introducing new arrivals weekly to their shoppers was key to success. The data also support this, as the view count on New Arrivals, where...

FashionGo Week to Launch Second Virtual Edition in February

Tradeshow Special May 2022

"We saw the need to incorporate new technology in order to optimize better ways for B2B to discover, transact and build stronger relationships to generate more opportunities for both brands and retailers. Through FashionGo Week Palm Springs, we were able to merge both the online and in-person trade show, curating an experience that is most relevant and important to the...

Inside Our Influencer Getaway To Palm Springs

To celebrate the inaugural The Daily Palm Springs and the first-ever FashionGo Week Palm Springs, we decided to make a memorable moment out of it—as we are wont to do. As such, we invited some of our favorite content creators to join us at the event by hosting them in quintessential desert-style in their own luxury private homes.

FashionGo Bringing New Trade Show to Palm Springs

What’s Trending In Denim Right Now

Skinny jeans have been in everyone’s closet for the past decade or so, but the consumer eye is wandering elsewhere. These leg-hugging versions of denim pants first gained notice with the rap and hip-hop crowd and by 2010 quickly took over the fashion runways. Skinny jeans were everywhere in different colors, washes, ankle treatments and distressed finishes.