FashionGo Launches B2B Livestreaming Feature — FashionGo Live

LOS ANGELES, – February 16. 2021 — FashionGo, a leading B2B wholesale e-commerce marketplace that enables the fashion industry to connect and discover new opportunities, today launched FashionGo Live—a weekly livestream experience where vendors showcase the best and newest season styles and where retailers can connect through private chats and shop for featured products all in real time at the same time every Tuesday on FashionGo.

FashionGo Live builds off the success of “Join Us Live”, a similar livestreaming experience that was first introduced in February for the second inaugural digital trade show experience “FashionGo Week”.  The launch of the new feature comes from the positive reception of “Join Us Live” from both registered retailers and vendors as well as the growing popularity of livestream shopping. With livestream shopping mainly found in B2C, FashionGo Live will redefine product procurement in B2B by optimizing merchandising strategies for retailers through more informed purchasing decisions and elevating brand and product visibility for vendors all through an intuitive digital format. The change also comes as the B2B landscape is undergoing a shift with vendors focusing more on branding through digital tools like livestream shopping to stand out amongst their competitors and to create stronger, more meaningful relationships with their buyers.

All livestreams will include a feed of featured items shown on air for retailers to view product details and add-to-cart while also being able to ask questions and engage with vendors through the live chat function all in real time. Livestreams will be viewable on FashionGo’s platform every Tuesday starting 10AM PST in 30-minute sessions with featured vendors in womens, mens, accessories, footwear, and many more. All livestreams will be repayable for users who are not able to participate and will be a free to use feature for all registered retailer.

About FashionGo

FashionGo is the leading B2B wholesale e-commerce marketplace that enables the fashion industry to connect and discover new opportunities. Established 2002 in the heart of the Los Angeles Fashion District, FashionGo supports the global wholesale industry to buy and sell the latest trends in fashion & lifestyle on a one-stop platform. With more than 1,400 wholesalers and 756,000 retailers, FashionGo provides powerful tools, best in class service, and insightful data. Driven by technology, FashionGo is how buyers and sellers of all stages shop smarter, sell more, and grow faster. FashionGo is part of NHN Global.

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